What’s all this about then?

Green City Blues is a friendly, informal blues dancing night. No experience of dancing and no partner necessary – we run an all-levels class and everyone dances with everyone else. So if you like blues music and would like to dance then come and join us!


Green City Blues runs on alternate Tuesdays.  Doors open and music starts at 7:30pm, to give you chance to get a drink, sign in, have a chat, and maybe have a dance or two. The class will run from 7:45 til 9, and there will be up to two hours social dancing afterwards. Dates will be here and up on Facebook and you can just turn up whenever you’re free – no need to book.


Upstairs from the well stocked bar at Shakespeare’s pub, on Gibraltar Street, Sheffield, S3 8UB.

How much?

Green City Blues will cost just five of your British pounds. Unless you’d like to claim a £2 discount, which you are welcome to do if the whim takes you – we run a self-selecting concessions system, so whenever cash is short feel free to pay £3. If it’s your first time, or if you bring someone new, it’s only £2.50.

What does blues dancing involve?

Blues is a hugely diverse genre of music, and so blues dancing also covers a huge range of styles. Here’s one example*:

At Green City, we mainly focus on connection to the music and to the person we’re dancing with, as well as playfulness and creating conversational partner dances. Some of our classes focus on a particular style of blues music, others on specific ways of moving. All classes are taught “switch”, so that everyon learns to both lead (initiate) and follow the movements. If you’ve had a tiring day feel free to negotiate to only dance one role during the class. We aim to teach so that even complete beginners can start to social dance on their first night.

What should I wear?

Fairly flat shoes without too much grip can be easier to dance in; if you don’t have any then feel free to dance in your socks if you like. Apart from that, just wear what you’re comfortable in. We’re pretty relaxed – come as you are, dress up, dress down, it’s all good.

We look forward to seeing you there.

*Blues can involve a lot of body contact (like at the start of the video), but doesn’t have to. If you’d prefer to come to classes that don’t include as much contact that’s not a problem – let me know at greencityblues@gmail.com and I’ll tell you when we’ll be running classes in open/breakaway.